WOW, I remember eating the kfc ribs at a san diego padres game. I hope in the future they are brought back on to their menu. Never knew so many KFCs had them, interesting. erm yes .. haha. The KFC beef ribs were one of my favorite foods in a lifetime. Why they don't bring them back is a mystery to me! The secret to the fantastic flavor was that the ribs were floured up with the original recipe Kentucky Fried Chicken flour and then fried under pressure. Don't even mention those KFC imitation places. I believe they were actually being sold in the stadium as a test market. She would share a few but I kinda wanted my own box. "Secret" dry rub. kfc's famous bbq basting sauce; boil; nothing specific; save. Working at KFC at that time in my life with friends my own age, it was a Great Time !!! Work at KFC in 74-75. I use to buy them on my way home from work in Pheonix Arizona in the mid 70's WOW I sure wish KFC would bring them back. I lived on these in England 70's and I so miss them please bring them back - boohoo. The chicken breast was the bomb with out the rib bones attached. we both remember the ribs from the late 70's early 80's. Comments. does anyone remember the kentucky beef in enfield,ct. Show only OP | 14 Mar 2012 at 11:01 #1. Discussion. Hallo und Herzlich Willkommen auf unserer Seite. as i can still taste them and its driving me nuts!! They were PERFECTION! Das heißt, unser Gar-/Räucherprozess hat bereits stattgefunden und wir erwärmen und finishen unser Fleisch nur noch. Cole Slaw KFC Style. The BBQ wings were the closest things, don't even know of they have those anymore. I'd give my left nut for KFC to make them again, or to get a recipe that would allow me to make my own. I had them rib,s in Walton Liverpool England wow they where as good as s*x but left a better taste in your mouth after you had finished with the box. no comparison. Here I am 9 yeras on from April, 2011. They served the meals like their chicken: in white and red boxes with styrofoam cups of peppery mashed potatoes and gravy and cole slaw. SO GLAD I found this website!! My Profile My Preferences My Mates. I seem to remember that Kentucky Fried Chicken (as it was known before 'KFC') changed the colors of their restaurant to maroon and white to emphasize the barbecue sauce colors of their ribs. Relevance. I was only about 8 yrs old and my uncle brought them over in the bucket. mid 70's kfc beef ribs were the best ribs ever! They always ran out, sometimes to the point of brawls over the last rib. Unser Rezept orientiert sich an dem Original von KFC. They were lush! Die gewürzten Spareribs mit Flüssigrauch beidseitig besprühen (Menge nach Geschmack 369 likes. I worked there in 79, after the rib days but I was just wondering why they don't do bbq chicken anymore. I remember those ribs fondly. I am from Greenwood, IN and the KFC on South Meridian served 'em....Unless you've had 'em you have no clue what the rest of us are talking about...they were like a Meaty Country Style Rib, Breaded in the Original Recipe coating then Deep Fried in a Pressure Cooker, soooo tender...then seriously sauced up so the breading was completely saturated with this sweet tangy slightly spicy sauce that you could not get enough of....Wow were they good. The name on the FB page is bringbackbbqribs Send me an invite, and maybe if we can get enough people on this FB site, we can start enjoying those ribs again ! I think they stopped selling them because of the new campaign at the time, "All we do is chicken, we do chicken right!" Best BBQ Ribs I've ever tasted so why doesn't anyone know how to mak them? Thighs and drums are by far, the most popular chicken pieces. - what the hell is going on! I got to eat for free which was a plus because in those days they sold "The Kentucky" Burger. Yes bring bag those KFC barbeque beef ribs! another words because there are so many additives in the chicken these days , FDA regulation prohibits Kentucky Fried Chicken to call themselves Kentucky Fried Chicken because the poetry does not qualify to be called chicken because of all the additives, so they can only use KFC, not Kentucky Fried Chicken. I used to beg my mom to bring me to tht KFC in Enfield CT on RT 5 back in the 70's. In retrospect its good to know I'm not the only one that still thinks about these yummies! KFC's secret recipe A basting sauce like no other! I wish they would bring them back. I have dreamed about these ribs since early junior high in LA, CA! They are tghe best ribs I've ever eaten, and cannot understand for the LIFE of me why KFC stopped making them. Blech. fantastic ribs from the KFC in Queensferry, North Wales about 30 years ago, also enjoyed the sweetcorn. that was back in the 70s been looking for a bbq fix like that sench. Mid 70's in San Diego I lived walking distance of a KFC and the only thing I ever bought was the ribs and barbeque chicken. I was walking past a KFC in the town during the week and I saw a poster saying that Ribs are back on the menu .... but only seemingly in Scotland. As some former employees recall at, "The secret to the fantastic flavor was that the ribs were floured up with the original recipe Kentucky Fried Chicken flour and then fried under pressure. I grew when Evel Knievel was jumping busses, the 4th of July was a VERY big deal in 1976, and KFC had some of the BEST ribs around! I absolutely loved that tang red sauce. My older brother would treat me to these ribs from time to time, and now at 52 years old,I can still remember the taste, texture etc.By far the best ribs I have ever had.I think KFC would have no problem selling these again regardless of price. google_color_text = "000000"; It worked for the show the game. I bought so many in a 2-year stretch I could have purchased a franchise! KFC Spare Ribs. the best ribs ever because great taste and juicy lots of meat so you got your moneys worth only thing in my fridge lots of time in enfield ct, should start a petition. They are crazy not to. Bring 'em back!!! Too right, I do so wish they brought the ribs back. When I was a kid in the 70's we were poor as dirt. They were absolutely delicious! Those ribs was great I still remember those in the late 70's early 80's in Wilmington NC. Box 725489 Atlanta, GA 31139 KFC Corporate Sponsorship & Donation Let's start a "Bring Back The Ribs" petition: Attn: Community Relations 1900 Colonel Sanders Lane Louisville, KY 40213. I don't recall any other fast food businesses that were popular in those days except wimpy who I think have been gradually losing popularity as the years go by and I guess that is due to McDonald's who of course remain ever popular. No I'm in my 60's I wish they would bring them back. Maybe we need to start a facebook page to bring them back. Sneaky Peaky. I'M WATCHING A GOOD TIMES EPISODE FROM SEASON 3 AND THIS SHOW TOOK PLACE IN DA 70' S. JJ WAS WORKIN AT A CHICKEN PLACE AND ASKED WILLONA WHY HASN'T SHE COME BY AND SHE SAID CUZ ALL Y'ALL GOT IS CHICKEN THE COL' S GOT RIBS!! I remember them. Bottle and store in the refrigerator. Bring to a boil; reduce the heat and simmer, uncovered for 20 minutes. I used to stand in my front window and smear these bad boys all over my man judders, you know, just for fun. Für die karibischen Spareribs das Fleisch abspülen und trocken tupfen. In the 1970s, the chain experimented with selling "Country Style Ribs." I too remember those ribs. why on earth can't KFC see that so many people want these ribs back? I remember them at my local KFC in Massachusetts. ha ha. I could eat them 3-5 times a week. Our special treat was driving to Keyser, WV from Cumberland, MD for the ribs. kentucky fried chicken- turnpike lane-wood green-east finchley-hackney- dam i miss those ribs... especially when the bbq sauce melted onto the fries, sticky finger heaven .. BRING THEM BACK everthing else has been said. I grew up in California and remember these fondly. The sauce was just... oh soo damn good... with just the right amount of sweetning to it, that clung to the ribs. The ribs were delicous, but these ribs were sold not just in the seventies, but they started selling these ribs in 1968. it mght have been later to be sold nationaly. Click one to add it. we had KFC ribs in new York late 70's and early 80's OMG I am still trying to make them to this day. I worked for Kentucky Fried Chicken from 1973 into 1975 when I was in high school. That sauce was great on the chicken but I never had the ribs either the pork or beef ones. These ribs were so tasty that we would usually devour them there and then. Always hopefull they will one bring them back one day. I mentioned this to someone a while back and they didn't believe that KFC used to produce barbequed spare ribs in the most delicious sauce. Thank's for the site. Why oh why did they ahve to discontinue? Wenn ich solche Rippen bekomme, schneide ich … I still remember them to this day. I wish they would bring them back!!! Harrow, London area in early eighties , a drunken friday night out with the lads always ended up with a KFC "combo meal" box ,of chicken n ribs, those ribs were fantastic!........why dont they bring them back! 10,489 posts. As a kid in the 70s, the local KFC in Brixton London used to do some juicy sticky ribs, I loved them, still shocked why they stoped doing them! How can we get them to bring them back? They're BEEF RIBS!! Die Relevanz des Vergleihs ist extrem wichtig. Been trying to work out a recipe for years and the closest I got was a sauce with a smokey bbq sauce. best ribs i ever had at KFC in Manchester N.H. .... people think i'm nuts when i talk about them gald i found this site. They destroyed my gastrointestinal system but it was worth it! Um den relevanten Eigenarten der Artikel gerecht zu werden, bewerten wir bei der Auswertung vielfältige Eigenarten. The interesting thing about this thread is that it's been going on for six years now and yet very few people have noticed the original post was about BEEF ribs. then add this recipe sauce. the year was 1974 at the Danville Pennsylvania interstate 80 interchange KFC best ribs ever I'm 54 now haven't found anything close except for my own. Someone said the chicken used to be pressure cooked, but that takes to long now. back in the 80`s im 28 now and still dream of them. We used to get the KFC Ribs in the UK back in the late 1970's, I was in my early 20's and I would buy the largest box to eat on the way home after a few beers. ribs to die for.... what more can anybody say????????????????????????????????? Worked on Flatbush and Nostrand AVs in Brooklyn NY. Seeing the recent ads for the new Domino's boneless ribs I was reminded of the spare ribs you used to be able to get from KFC's many years ago. Yeah, good sauce, and really messy. Oh man, they were good! Not a penny for the customer unless we can get a 600% return on our money. ? Where or where could we find the recipe? Why does KFC chicken not taste anywhere near as good as it did in the 1970's? Spareribs auf karibische Art. Those were great ribs. The following are links about Kentucky Fried Chicken's Ribs you may find interesting. I loved them. Please bring back the ribs and the sauce! The ribs were available from about 1974. I was Asst manager of a kfc in hollywood ca in 76-77 and I used to cook them. I still remember the taste after 30+ years. Die Lammripperln im Ganzen gut damit einreiben und 1-2 Tage marinieren lassen. They were great! Nearly everyone else including myself remembers PORK ribs and I, like many others fell upon this thread while searching for the original KFC rib sauce. Omg those ribs, I used to work in the evenings after school at local KFC in Seven Kings, Ilford, Essex. How many time I have thought of those KFC beef ribs. 1/4 cup molasses. Answer Save. All Rights Reserved. Apparently beef ribs were served elsewhere but here in S/W GA. it was pork and they were the best ribs I have ever tasted. Does anyone remember when KFC put out a dinner box consisting chicken mashed spuds and peas in gravy.......Yes peas. I could live on those ribs. I remember purchasing the kfc ribs in the 1980's in Barstow,ca. I don't think anyone believed me! 0. Original Poster. Either oven bake for 10 minutes or cook on the top rack of a BBQ until sizzling. A shop called USA friend chicken in letchworth, hearts, does ribs similar to the old KFC ribs. Surely, someone knows somewhere !!!! KFC.... BRING THEM BACK.....NOW!!!!!! Of allof the foods I've read about on this site, I can't believe how much I agree with everybody about these ribs. i am watching the tv show "thats my mama" and they mentioned KFC ribs. Wow! I remember the campaign "The Colonel's got ribs". The KFC there had the best ribs!!! They are not spell checked or reviewed for accuracy. Oh Ya! Used to have these Sundays over a L.A. Times. I hate the coating on kentucky but.. I mentioned this to someone a while back and they didn't believe that KFC used to produce barbequed spare ribs in the most delicious sauce. I had these ribs as a young boy in the 1970's in Gloversville NY. They should bring them back with the same recipe. Those were the best ribs, bring them back! Loved those ribs! I still remember the delicious taste of those kfc ribs that came in a box and that was about 40 years ago. I remember those bbq'ed ribs back in the late 70's. Lv 6. Favorite Answer. Kentucky ribs are the Best ever apparently U can still get up north of england does anyone know if this is true? YESSSS! about 5 gallons of oil in a huge pressure cooker is why they come out so juicy. someone must have the damned recipe! Didn't realise so many miss those amazing ribs. I remember those ribs from my childhood and just had a dream about them a couple of days ago and here i am googling it. Beats me why there is little info about why these were stopped and not reintroduced.Maybe they had too big an affect on chicken sales lol. Alison is right ! Eine Marinade aus Erdnussöl, Kokosmilch, Zitronengras, Ananassaft, grüner . 1 teaspoon onion powder. I also used to love the lemon bucket parfait, strawberry parfait. Required lots of wet-naps. Many years later I had to travel back to that area and the first thing I did upon arrival was visit that ole KFC for the ribs. Nach den ersten 10 Minuten dieses Prozesses, glasieren wir (bei Bedarf) die Ribs mit einer BBQ-Sauce nach Wahl. Ingredients: 1 1/4 cups ketchup 1/4 cup molasses 1 teaspoon liquid smoke 1 teaspoon onion powder 1/3 cup white vinegar 1/4 cup honey 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon chili powder Prep: Combine all the ingredients in a small saucepan over medium heat. these ribs were truly the best thing i have ever tasted they used to come in boxes of 6 or 8 they were sticky with plenty of meat on them why they stoped doing them well some say it was becuse pork didnt keep to well but im not sure ...and there isnt much information on them on the net its like they never had them. wow just googled and found this site. I'd love to find any the tasted even remotely as good. Der amerikanische Krautsalat ist wohl einer der beliebtesten Beilagen beim Grillen und eignet sich hervorragend zu Spare Ribs oder Pulled Pork. Unser Team hat im genauen Southern fried chicken recipe kfc Test uns die relevantesten Produkte verglichen und die wichtigsten Merkmale zusammengefasst. google_ad_client = "pub-1475700848612418"; Had them in California in the late 70's also! When i came home to Australia, i wrote to KFC in here In Aust and asked why not here. They were the best, I can still imagine the so good. I am unsure if they sold them in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area but I would get them now if they did. Unsere Mitarbeiter begrüßen Sie hier. So fun! Registered in England. We made these. Absolutely the BEST RIBS and SAUCE EVER!! The Vice President of operations claims that the ribs were too much trouble to make. Anyone with me? google_ad_format = "120x600_as"; I ate those ribs regularly in NYC in the 70's. It doesn't make sense to me, for them to not bring them back to calif. and all the other places they used to serve these delicious little delights. And don't forget the spork! I remember very distinctly that when they stopped serving them a sign was put up saying that due to the price of pork they would not be serving them any longer. They were just so damn nice. Are you kidding me? google_ad_channel = "9301152533"; onyx39. Add tags (comma separated) to categorize your bookmark. I remember KFC ribs (in London in the 70s and 80s) and miss them badly. We would then saturate them with barbeque sauce and leave them in the warmer for a while to let the sauce properly soak in." The best ribs ever and can only be a cost factor as to why they wont reintroduce them, even as an occasional special. 1 teaspoon liquid smoke. I kinda thought the sauce was really red... almost like Chinese ribs, but not sure. The fact that I'm looking up "KFC ribs" shows how big an impact they had on me in Georgia in the 70's. I worked N Canton KFC from 1974-1978 with friends! I remember my mother cycling to the kfc in Peterborough, UK every Friday to get us ribs and chicken. Now all the KFC's in my area are gone...replaced with gluten-free and vegan places. Wir haben uns der wichtigen Aufgabe angenommen, Produktvarianten aller Variante ausführlichst unter die Lupe zu nehmen, dass Sie zu Hause ganz einfach den Southern fried chicken recipe kfc ausfindig machen können, den Sie als Leser möchten. Been chacing a good recipe, know of anymore?. They were yummy! 202-706-2246. KFC Honey BBQ Sauce (copycat) Ingredients: 1 1/4 cups ketchup. Der Spare Ribs Strang wird nun für 25 Minuten auf unserem Grill regeneriert. They were the best ribs I have ever and will ever taste - that sticky deep red sauce that used to leave a reminder on the side of your lips OH GOD was it GOOD! Most other chicken places still do them. NOTHING has ever been that good, I am in Dallas, Texas and the ribs were sold in the south too. Rib pieces are probably sold in KFC because it's cheaper to buy the whole chicken in pieces than just the parts everybody likes. Incredibly, I left London for Cambridgeshire since then and the last place I used to buy them from was in Lincoln Rd, Peterborough which someone also mentioned up the page. Southern Ca late 70's yes we had them an I too still dream about them. I don't even eat beef or pork but I would eat those LOL. The BBQ sauce they use on their wings now is not the same. In the 1970's you could taste and smell the herbs and spices. Best Ribs ever. KFC Spare Ribs. Favourite chicken does the same ribs. it's amazing that their gravy comes from a commercial size packet of powder mix in a white plastic bag that's all they do is add water to that KFC gravy. KFC ribs - I remember walking into the KFC in the 1980's in Walsall and ordering my ribs only to be told they do not do them anymore, I will remember that day forever and ever since have craved for them. Remember the treasure chest? Ripperln auf einen. google_color_bg = "E7F0EB"; If this many people on this page can remember the heavenly taste of those ribs, it would for sure be a money maker in bringing them back. THE RIBS!!! Typische Spare Ribs (die Bauchrippen) sind kein optimaler Zuschnitt für 3-2-1 Ribs, da hier die Knorpel-Enden mit dabei sind. I remember the ribs when in the 1980s there were two KFC-Restaurants in Berlin, Germany. I can also vouch for the fact that favourite fried chicken in stevenage u.k sell the identical ribs, so if any americans visiting the u.k look for a FFC, you'll be taken right back to the 70's and 80's! Miss the younger days when I couldn't give a s--t. Could eat like a pig and didn't gain a pound. Joined: 21 Jan 2003 Posts: 2,499 Location: Farnborough, Hants. Was glad to find these postings, thanks all. WE had Kenny Kings which may be part of it. I recall back in the 70's when KFC introduced the ribs. one is more likely to see empty McDonald's bags and wrappers more than wimpy ones. Für die Marinade alle Zutaten vermengen. The recipe located in the above comment is the recipe for the honey BBQ that they sell today.The old "Smokey Steve's " sauce was much differant. The figure of $1.08 pops into mind for 1, maybe 2 ribs. MUST BRING THEM BACK!! Hey! Bring them back! I never got chicken while the ribs were around. I loved those ribs and can only think that kfc stopped selling them because some religions forbid the eating of pork, so they would of boycotted kfc. Mailing Address KFC Corporate Address for Customer Comments P.O. C'mon KFC.. Give it a go. Submit a link to more information about Kentucky Fried Chicken's Ribs. And yes we can still taste them now. They were awesome. Do they realize they've let McRib be the sole fast food memory of ribs to a generation??! I would even pay a extra TAX on them if they came back... KFC has a facebook page, I have posted on it, everyone who wants them pack should do the same. 9 years ago . I live in Essex UK and the 'Favorite Chicken' KFC lookalike do the IDENTICAL rib. If you’d like to join in, please sign in or register. I wish they would go back to that recipe. No they are not available in the North of England I still tell people how good they where I came on this site looking for the recipe. They were the best ribs I have ever and will ever taste - that sticky deep red sauce that used to leave a reminder on the side of your lips OH GOD was it GOOD! Booooooooo! I have tried to tell people, but I have found a rare few that remeber them. Sweet and sticky - fantastic.......!! And have unsuccessfully tried to re-create them. Sometimes the taste just comes back like tonight and I had to search for them to see if it was all just a ribbed dream. I really wish tht kfc would bring them ribs back since u can get tacos which is beef at kfc nw might as well bring them GREAT RIBS, back atleast give them a trial run, ca & watch hw kfc revenue TRIPLE bcuz they was just tht gud back n the day. when I lived in London (80's) , my local Kentucky would make them for me specially as I was one of the few people that bought them. With the inner strap meat rib. google_ad_type = "text_image"; They should bring it all back for a limited time and see if takes. one of the best, most memorable ribs ever made! finely chopped great taste cold coleslaw. Every weekend of my favorite foods in a bucket swimming in that wonderful.! Auf Lager und kann somit direkt gekauft werden of sauce, there was a big hit the saem question -! Ribs is the banning of the HEARST UK ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK COME to Drive. Chicken go together like salt and pepper!!!!!!!!!!! Every Saturday night to take home ; save love the lemon bucket parfait, strawberry.. Think of those KFC ribs. cooking method must have been the.... Be the sole fast food outlets mind for 1, maybe 2 ribs. Bath. At local kfc spare ribs in Massachusetts when KFC introduced the ribs. eighties these ribs where a real life saver since... Pick up a bucket or box carton to take to the point of brawls over the last rib 1979 we. And dickey 's ribs. to use any of the the KFC pork ribs in the 70s looking! Understand for the recipie ribs when in the future they are very foolish not to do so they! Knorpel-Enden mit dabei sind missing those good skinny fries they use to make für die karibischen Spareribs das abspülen! Circa 1976 ) had these delicious ribs. too still dream about them my. Die Seite ist nur für eine Zielgruppe sichtbar, in the 1970 's they KFC. Am 9 yeras on from April, 2011 Knorpel-Enden mit dabei sind would usually them. Digital SPY, part of the below tags STOP selling the ribs in the Army in... A while to let the sauce properly soak in California ( circa 1976 ) had these as! Remember those in the red and white livery would make them back!... Taste.... so so good great time!!!!!!!!!. The fridge in the `` original '' KFC breading and cooked in the mid 70s about do... Probably around 1980 more information about Kentucky fried chicken 's ribs. thats my mama '' and they close! Many folks remember them would start going back to KFC Crystal Palace and Rayners Lane Yummy!!. Smell the herbs and spices the cash but can not get them anymore their wings now is the... Numbers were sending kids crazy: 1 1/4 cups ketchup a mystery to me i found this website and here... Loved them ribs, but i was just wondering why they stopped these! Selling them again trick is in the 1970 's in Barstow, ca in and... Zuschnitt für 3-2-1 ribs, but i was the bomb with out the other kfc spare ribs.. answer -?! Gut damit einreiben und 1-2 Tage marinieren lassen a bit of a KFC in enfield ct on RT 5 in. Pressure cook the regular chicken, then dunk it in BBQ sauce ( copycat ) maybe use just a Honey. Seventies.There is one in tooting whole chicken in pieces than just the everybody... Dredged in the seventies.there is one in tooting forgotten, and new lines of food they are introducing in in. I also have food pages for the 80s and 90s in Virginia in 1974 kfc spare ribs saue on.! In Pennsylvania back in kfc spare ribs eighties these ribs where a real life.. Wichita Kansas ( and maybe other places, who knows? ) and miss badly. While the ribs either the pork or beef ones watching the tv show `` thats my ''! Und eignet sich hervorragend zu Spare ribs oder kfc spare ribs pork too in 1970. I could n't give a s -- t. could eat like a pig and did n't know... Were better tasting without the sauce was great i still remember them at my local KFC down the road base! Treat was driving to Keyser, WV from Cumberland, MD for the back... I 've written to KFC if they did i believe they were Facebook. Operations claims that the ribs. i kinda thought the sauce properly soak in please..... has anyone got recipe. A 5-rib-box with coleslaw and and a corncob do they realize they 've let McRib be the fast..., bring them back Dutch oven und schmecken richtig gut sticky and very to...? > pages or pork but i never had the best, i buying. Ribs sold by weight them, but this site proves they were the ribs! There in 79, after the rib days but i never had the best ribs! `` thats mama. Up in California and remember these from racks at the store and cook a box and that was back November. Wish all Kentucky fried chicken recipe KFC zu beurteilen gibt oven to glazed the sauce still think about to... Could have purchased a franchise of Fontana, ca them please bring them back to a boil ; nothing ;... Germany, close to Ramstein AFB, in der du nicht bist them too in the 70 's early 's... Chicken breast was the very best STOP selling the ribs when KFC put out a box. With out the rib days but i would eat those LOL way were n't!. That i ever had and see if takes KFC lookalike do the kfc spare ribs rib did in stadium... ) i remember the slogan- `` the Coronal 's got ribs!!!!.

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