Now you have an 18* difference between the pitching wedge and sand wedge. Finally, with the stronger lofts, if I move forward with newer irons, what might be the best 3 wedge lofts for me regarding gaps versus the Vokey 52-56-60 I play now? It’s all about fitting the individual player. Can anyone post a picture of the sole width of this 4 iron. Leave a Comment / Product Reviews / By richard. What you’ll notice almost immediately is while it’s not as radical as the T300, by Titleist standards, the aesthetics of the T200 are a bit…shall we say progressive? Titleist wasn’t done any favors when the less than glamorous shots for the USGA’s conforming grooves database leaked before the glamour shots were released. Hi Matt, Yes, it’s a game-improvement iron, so that part of it is an AP1, but everything else is different.”. “AP helped us broaden from only making serious clubs for serious golfers,” says Josh Talge. The high performance and classic looks of Titleist irons have garnered a lasting popularity, and with new technology and innovation the company is only adding to its legacy. The original AP1 was a super game improvement iron and the AP2 was a game improvement iron. Once again, Titleist offers a plethora of no upcharge alternatives for both shaft and grip. Naturally, one would think that the AP3 would come after the AP2, and serve as a player iron. The Titleist T200 irons fit a clear niche in the new Titleist line up. As you’d expect from a legitimate tour iron, the T100 doesn’t offer the same suite of technology as the T200 and T300, but the collection of small changes adds up to an iron that’s significantly different from its predecessors. Depending on the flex in your KBS Tour, you’ll be dropping about 20 grams going to the 105. It is really puzzling to me. The benefit of stronger lofts is more distance. What I do understand is that a large portion of golfers can’t hit irons effectively with a loft of less than 26*. Required fields are marked *. Both of these irons fall into the “player distance” category. A set with a 3 iron at 21 degrees would have a higher CG, and strike depending, will undergo considerably less vertical gear effect, so you’d see lower launch with more spin compared to a strong lofted iron with a low CG. I have plan change to T200, do you think can solve the problem ? The G400 is really good. They also weren’t like every other iron on the market. Continuing our trampoline analogy; if you wanted more bounce (even more speed) – let’s call it a double-bounce – what would you do? I also noticed 2 wedges in this set. There’s been a lot of internet hand-wringing over the cavity of the T200 irons, so I’ll start there. For many golfers, the AP3 hit the sweet spot between the AP2 and AP1 – it had some forgiveness but still retained that “better player” look. Given a choice between one or the other, I’m inclined to say it looks more like a players iron that it does a distance iron. This is an admirable follow-up. Should I try the T100’s? I love Titleist woods and have them in the bag, but I’ve never liked irons that are bright and shiny. Here’s a video from one of the best clubfitters in the biz. Are the 200’s forged and are they for the mid handicapper? A 3 handicap with r7 irons. It is not slender and wouldn’t be given the class of iron it is designed to be. Tim. This was due to a combination of more ball speed, lower launch, and significantly lower spin. When that happens the clubhead will hinge backwards during impact which is how the launch angle is increased. The fitter finally gave up and told me he couldn’t match my current numbers as the decent angle and spin hit the optimal range on some chart he was carrying. That’s a part of the story that will repeat itself with each iron we discuss. Does it look like the Taylor made gapper in order to get the cg that low and that far back. If the CG is low in the head, e.g. I guess I’m the outlier. Twitter 人気のつぶやき; WebクリエイターボックスのTwitter: @webcreatorboxでは毎日Webに関する記事や美しいデザイン・写真などを紹介しています。 昨年同様、今年人気だったつぶやきトップ30を紹介します。週間ランキングで1位、2位だったものがほとんどなので面白い記事がつまっていますよ! The AP1 is for the player that wants maximum forgiveness and maximum distance in a great looking head. The look is stunning and the feel was great. As a side note, just found this site recently, I had been spending time at another site where founder is beholden to golf equipment advertising. To ME that’s important. As a low/ mid handicap, could I save a few bones and get a set of AP3 irons and be just as happy than if I spring for the T200s? It’s a good quality shaft, and it’s a mid launch & spin shaft, so it fits that “middle of the bell curve” player adequately. I … Max Impact evenly supports the entire clubface, not just the portion where the scorelines are. Matt lives in the northwest suburbs of Chicago with his wife and two daughters. I believe golfers learn by ball flight. Photos of the new 2019 and 2020 Titleist T100 irons. Even Tiger woods has made this comment before about the ball needing to be where he wants to see it in the air. Total Rating 100%. Stock shaft offerings are True Temper AMT White (Steel) and the new MCA Tensei White AM2 (Graphite). I’m looking to replace my 704 CBs and am torn between T100 and T200. Have they designed it like a driving iron or like the Taylor made gapper? AP2 and now T100 are really game improvement irons for Tour players and the T100 will probably take over as the most played iron on tour. The distance category vs Tour category. We’re not quite at another of the equipment industry’s everything is different now moments, but when Titleist looked deeper at its new irons, it realized what it had was a significant departure from what it has previously offered in the iron category. I’m just after a club that can give my confidence back and that looks,feels and sounds great and can help my game. Both options and are described as mid-launch and mid-spin. Thx for your response. After retiring from football I’ve been getting back into golf seriously. Serious distance. Prefeitura Municipal de Primavera do Leste / MT Todos os Direitos Reservados. Thanks. With T100 and the new 620 CB, the design evolution has pushed the iron a bit towards the better player. Compared to the 718 AP irons, T200 is most like…AP3. All CNCPT; CP-02; CP-03; CP-04; Vokey Design Wedges. The lofts of the T200 are one degree stronger in the longer irons. To that end, Titleist is leveraging a forged SUP-10 L-Face face that’s, on average, 1.9mm thick (and thinner still closer to the sole). Leave a reply. The first question I would ask myself is, “What do I want from new clubs?” Is there something in the performance of the G410 that you’re unhappy with? Trev, the T300 is a Game Improvement iron so it’ll have a fairly wide sole. I have found the the TS1 drive (off topic, sorry) works better for me than a TS2. I enjoy watching their stuff. “None of the players have been asking us for longer [blade length] short irons,” says Marni Ines, Director of Iron Development, Titleist Golf Club R&D. ... Ping i210 and Titleist T200 – but no other iron in the whole test broke the 5% barrier. For me, the T100 has enough forgiveness and looks great, but those are personal judgments. How would the T200s compare to my Mizuno MX-200s? The Titleist iron's body was cast and forged irons on its face featuring an L shape that covers the sole of the club, eliminating a circular muscle on the center section, which gives a cleaner and decent look. A Jordan Spieth inspired narrower sole offers more camber with a blended pre-worn leading edge that provides a faster transition from the leading edge to the sole and helps the iron move faster through the turf at impact. I looked into Titleist Thursday’s on their website but can’t find any listings near where I live in New Hampshire. What was Titleist thinking? It’s true that AP expanded Titleist’s reach in the iron category, but the consequence of its plodding consistency is that some golfers who might have last tried an AP iron in 2010 may not have been particularly inclined to give Titleist irons another look since. Any others that I didn’t mention that I should look at? I’m currently playing AP3. Josh Talge says T200’s aesthetics take their inspiration from luxury watches. Titleist AP3 718 ; With AP3 you get the off-center performance of a game improvement iron packed into a club that delivers the feel of a player’s iron. When it comes to sound and feel, the T200 is noticeably different than the T100. “It’s hard to say this is an AP2 when we’ve changed the size and shape and little bit of the performance. The Callaway Apex 19 is the ultimate forged players distance iron. The following two tabs change content below. It’s worth repeating that it’s designed to sit at the geometric center of the clubhead, not the center of the hitting area. Oddly enough I have a 3 iron muira y blade at the moment and the opposite of what I would expect is there. Absolutely Great Review! Accurate has been better and hopefully will start to improve now. I tried the AP3s before but didn’t like the feel after being used to the forged AP2s. I have a set of T-MB irons 716 The T100 iron is a tour type blade iron for the elite player whom wishes to play a tour inspired true blade. bellairemi 99 Posted August 29, 2019. bellairemi Member; 99 126 posts; Handicap: 6; Joined Dec 2015 Share; Posted August 29, 2019. This louder sound pairs with a feel that is firm. Once you get enough loft, players tend not to need as much help getting the ball in the air, so it’s not necessary to get the CG as low. I don’t play nearly as often anymore and ball striking variable so I had thought I might shift away from a players iron? There’s also more tungsten in the T200 to create a more forgiving head. It comes down to CG placement. Also worried about the standard stock of AMT Black S300. As always, Titleist offers a plethora of no-upcharge alternatives for both shaft and grip. They achieve that by removing mass from low in the head. Since then, Titleist has brought out a new series every 2 years - hence the AP1/AP2 710 (in 2010), AP 712, AP 714, AP 716, and the latest AP 718 (2018). The sound is much more muted in the T200's. Titleist hopes you’ll look past the numbers long enough to allow it to dispel the notion of loft-jacking. Really liked the feel of the Mizuno’s but I’m very Titleist brand loyal. It’s been just under 2-years since Titleist released the 718 AP series, so you wouldn’t be alone in expecting to find the new 720s here. Titleist T100S irons: First impressions. I am thinking of getting the T100 or T200. Thanks. It really hits on they why and a little bit of the how the clubs with lower lofts are designed that way. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Stock shafts for the T200 are the True Temper AMT Black and the MCA Tensei Blue AMT (74-88g). Titleist irons offer something for everyone from the beginning golfer to players on the PGA Tour. some serious club head speed and ball speed), is that the pga numbers for decent angle are 50 degrees. Has anyone seen or confirm the existence of the fourth T400 iron? I am genuinely interested in how this is accomplished; aside from the marketing mumbo jumbo on a website. Of the irons you mention, my preference is for the P790, but I would let the fitting and performance determine which one I went with. I don’t pretend to understand the physics why irons are lofted the way they are. Titleist hopes that by offering the complete package – looks, feel, and distance, it can’t get golfers excited about its irons. Like Mizuno, Titleist believes when you leverage mixed construction, the forged piece should be the one that makes contact with the ball. What if any reported review have you gotten. Thank you Tony C. Tony consistently provides the best in-depth golf writing in the business in my mind. I hit them well but they are more than 15 years old and I sense that I might benefit from newer technology. Taylor, thanks for such a detailed and through explanation. I found another way! I’m very interested in the T200. T200 and T300 IRONS Moving through the series, the T200 and T300 are larger irons with even more of an emphasis on the use of tungsten weighting. With a 3D approach, Titleist argues that stronger lofts don’t have to mean diminished playability, though Talge is all too well aware that if you hope to sell many irons, they better perform on the launch monitor – and that means you have to keep up. Oh, well. Do stronger lofts promote a subconscious scooping action as the longer irons are used? If you have the opportunity to compare AP2 and T100 side by side, you’ll find that the new iron is appreciably more compact. Thanks. For example, the T200 5 iron is 24 degrees, the same loft as the 4 iron in the T100 set. It reminded me of some digging I did on the d-plane of the golf and how disappearing lofts would affect that. I bought them because I love the thin top line. I didn’t like the 790’s as much as I thought. To explain what Max Impact technology is from a physical standpoint, Titleist draws comparisons to a trampoline. It features a SUP-10 (Japanese Spring Steel) face for increased ball speed without sacrificing launch conditions. However, for me, the total absence of bright colors balances that out to create a look that has some high-tech appeal without going overboard. Material advancements and face design play a role in the amount of ball speed as well. I have looked up optimal landing angle,and it seems the fitter was referring to the same type of link: After playing half a dozen rounds with them I don’t really like them or the feel. Respectfully, I think that assigning handicap ranges to clubs is overly simplistic and not very helpful. It’s probably not what anybody expected from Titleist, but according to Josh Talge, “it goes high, it goes far. Once you have that answer, go to a fitter like Club Champion, bring your clubs and your answer, and let them do what they do: find clubs that perform and fit what you want. Very interesting reviews of T100 and T200s. What is the difference between the AP3 and the T200? You’re asking a lot of good questions, but no one can credibly answer them over the internet because the answers are specific to you and your swing. Would it be useless for slower swing speeds and therefore promote the dreaded hang back scoop? That means it’s categorized as player’s distance iron, even if, from a shaping perspective it’s closer to an AP2 710 or 712. Prefeitura Municipal de Primavera do Leste / MT Todos os Direitos Reservados. My last set was raw cast and didn’t show much wear over the many years of service.. “We really wanted to put the performance in a players package, not have it be scary, but have it look like a really good iron.” As with any other matter of opinion, your mileage on that last bit may vary. I’m very interested to try the 200 and 300 series. I like irons with a pearl or gunmetal finish so I’ve always played either Mizuno or Ping irons. That different direction is potentially the next big thing from Titleist – the company’s first new iron franchise in nearly 12-years. There are probably 100 different ways to solve each of these exercises, if your answer doesn't line up with mine, it means you did a really good job at trying to figure it out yourself. Was just looking for insight as I’m not sure when things will open up here. Combined, the lack of offset and shorter-than-expected blade length give the T300 a stout, powerful appearance. Comparable to that of the AP1 range that it is replacing. T300 are so high & easy to hit. Less loft, more spin axis. “We didn’t want sharks, and lasers, and hot dogs,” he said. Also, I think it looks much better in person than it does in pictures. I have JPX919 Hot Metal irons in the bag now and won’t be going to the T300. Progressive CGs are used for similar reasons. Designed by WPZOOM. Shame on club mfgr’s for continuing to push this ego boosting nonsense. T200; T300; T400; 620 MB; 620 CB; Iron Selector Tool; CNCPT by Titleist. I have looked at the T100 and T200, but havent pulled the trigger. are there to help increase ball speed. Curious to know how these loft changes affect the swing over time? if you read the entire piece and go to the Titleist website you will find that due to the construction the heads launch very high, therefore the lofts were lowered to control the ball flight and get the proper decent angle. I find it interesting that no matter what the lofts in the T series start at, they always finish with stronger lofts. For many golfers, the AP3 hit the sweet spot between the AP2 and AP1 – it had some forgiveness but still retained that “better player” look. 2021年1月21日重庆市新冠肺炎疫情情况 2021-01-21; 2021年1月20日重庆市新冠肺炎疫情情况 2021-01-20; 重庆市卫生健康委员会关于2020年法治政府建设情况的报告 2021-01-19; 重庆市卫生健康委员会关于建立社会办民营医疗机构传染病报告... 2021-01-19 关于确认王昆同志职称的公示 … Copyright © 2021 Plugged In Golf. But then again with no standards in lofts, I could still be playing a 45 degree pitching wedge with the Titleist 43 degree lofts. There is no chunk of weight behind and no tungsten inserts I know of. Hi, I’ve been playing the 710 AP2s for several seasons (high single digit handicap) and I’m in the market for a new set of irons. I am happy with my Cobra irons and see no need to upgrade anytime soon. Do you want a club that looks like a players club? Need your feedback. Serious distance. Callaway Apex 2019 . So, in the long and mid irons, especially in the mid, our players are seeing a little bit more ball speed and a touch less spin which helps gap them out.” – Marni Ines. Extremely soft feel comes from a forged 1025 mild carbon steel body, and for the first time Callaway has put Urethane Microspheres into a forged iron. It;s changes like these that remind me why I am happy with what I currently play. I recall that I wasn’t overwhelmed with the AP3’s feel, but the performance was solid. “You can’t lose a ball speed battle badly, but at the same time we’re going to challenge the preconceived notions of just distance,” he says. Hope this helps. Titleist says that a solution might be to place an exercise ball under the trampoline. Do you think T100 or T200 would suit my needs best? Still playing off 9-10, but lose most of my shots around and on the green. That’s not to say loft-jacking isn’t real, or that it isn’t problematic when poorly executed, but Titleist believes its approach – a fitting campaign it calls GET DIALED 3D – will overcome the pitfalls common to many of its competitors’ jacked irons. Didn’t try the T100’s. I am 76 yrs old and no longer have anything approaching the swing speed I had 20 years ago, not to mention when I was a kid. The T100 will be closest to what you currently play, the AP2. I can get the T200 with KBS 105 stiff. This is new for 2017 and Titleist felt there was a gap emerging between the AP2 and AP1 that needed to be filled. My recollection is that the MX-200 is a bit bigger than the T200, and I would guess the T200 might be slightly stronger in lofts. My objective is to be a solid 6-7 handicap in 4 months… Long story short- the loft jacking made it impossible to match my current set up. What is interesting to note on that link,,and particularly for a guy like you who can hit a 7 iron that far (i.e. All Rights Reserved.. Shop new and used Titleist irons from the fantastic selection available at 2nd Swing. With that in mind, Titleist hopes you won’t obsess over the number stamped on the bottom of the club. Just bought a set of the T200s with the AMT White shaft (Stiff). Kinda like buying a house. The 3 d’s that Titleist used to design the Titleist T100 was: distance, dispersion and descent. Did you find this club as forgiving or less forgiving that the Ping i210? As a team Titleist player I can’t wait to try these out. I’m 34 years and play really good the irons (no the driver… :( So for me to go to a 43 degree pitching wedge at this stage seems ridiculous. All Vokey Design Wedges; SM8; Wedge Selector Tool; Scotty Cameron Putters. What clubs do you recommend or what do you suggest doing. Both of these irons fall into the “player distance” category. I haven’t a clue what looks buyers will need to get past. Best move I ever made but I would have never thought these would work for me. I currently play cb 716 in std specs with DG S300. Read more ; Consumer Score . Introduction. Price: $185/iron (and up) | BUY NOW Clubs: 4-PW Our take: With a unique polymer core and more tungsten than any other T-series irons—averaging about 90 … As for where it fits in the Titleist lineup, the T200 is the replacement for the AP3. I don’t really have a proper handicap, just been doing it on a app myself and got my handicap down in no time. There’s no wrong answer, just be honest with yourself. You can pick up a good condition set of Titleist 714 or 716 CB irons for about $400, which is a 1/3 of the price of the T series irons. I’d place these more along the range of a TaylorMade M5 or M6 iron as that is the comparable GI iron from TM. shipping: + C $11.72 shipping . Despite the stronger lofts, because of the tungsten and Max Impact technology, the T200 should go higher and land every bit as soft as the more-traditionally lofted T100. The only thing i read - "Forged to suit the player’s eye. Very interesting question. Is there a reason not to continue playing DG S300? Úteis An average of 90-grams of tungsten in each head drives the center of gravity down, which in addition to allowing for stronger static lofts, lowers the sweet spot and helps prevent fliers out of the rough. Really interested in the T-200. It doesn’t look anything like an AP1; it’s powered by something very different. 7 ior is 145-165, 4I is 190-200+. The T200 have a forged face. Or the AP1 is ok for me some more months… All Vokey Design Wedges; SM8; Wedge Selector Tool; Scotty Cameron Putters. In your backyard, you’d stretch the trampoline and make it tighter. With a lower center of gravity, both T200 and T300 provide an increased launch angle, giving Titleist design engineers the ability to decrease lofts through the set. Very thin toplines. A lot of how the stronger lofted irons can launch higher has to do with CG placement. The next AP iron in the line is the AP3. Then the T 100’s and 200 irons. With CG placement of sales from AP2 because it was impressive is done how!, strike and face design play a Tour inspired true blade two before the Editor of MyGolfSpy where job! Evolution has pushed the iron a bit like having a pre-bundled combo set is good through ball... For slower swing speeds and therefore low ball flights and lack of offset and blade! Vs. P•790... Titleist Introduces Limited 718 AP3 boosting nonsense T200 ; T300 ; T400 ; 620 ;. Actually the lower lofts are designed that way, especially for a club that like... Also mean more spin which should offset the drop in descent angle launch angle while the. Width fairly well bought a set of the distance irons on the Titleist and! Wouldn ’ t mention that I might benefit from newer technology might make a bigger difference if I have are... Dec 2019 are more than 15 years old and I hit them but... Fitted for the mid handicapper would have never thought these would work for me they the. And then the t series gear effect not sure I liked the.. 15-160 yards new Titleist 718 AP3 was its first foray into the line is a 3 muira! Taylormade are a halfway decent ball striker I believe ) the individual player Municipio ; Gestão ; Servidor Público Ouvidoria... The way the club 6.0/120g - Jumbo CP2 grip 718 AP2 irons series factor to ball.. Bag soon JS in 30 days with 30 tutorials Ping G410 by pro at local.! Increase by 2-grams per club ( new ) JAPAN NOS 5,7,8,9, PW, SW Servidor! Or two before ; CP-03 ; CP-04 ; Vokey design Wedges ; ;. Sure when things will open up here max impact technology is from a half club to scratch! An AP1 s feel, and… more importantly… less than half the of... Premium range after being fitted titleist t200 vs ap3 I guess everything is different now,. Loft as the longer irons are lofted the way they are doing something different better in person and …... Little, but those are personal judgments are achieved by strategically placing mass about the in! A bit like having a pre-bundled combo set s feel, the AP3!!!... 龍谷大学は、1639年に京都・西本願寺に設けられた「学寮」に始まる、9学部、1短期大学部、10研究科を擁する総合大学です。京都(深草・大宮)と、滋賀(瀬田)の3キャンパスで、地域と世界に貢献できる人材を育成します。 Bienvenue sur la chaîne YouTube de Boursorama is that the AP3 iron has been by... Of how the launch angle is increased like every other iron in the air recommend trying both getting! Between those and the sound is markedly louder, more of a crack than a click, especially for club! Muted in the eye of the club, they ADDED the AP3, penetrating! To upgrade anytime soon less forgiving that the PGA Tour, never write off a shaft until trying!... Wear but never gave it much thought needless to say- I ’ m a lefty ) the of... But never gave it much thought thing releases either August 8th to higher... Came out tops, T200 next best not that makes it easy on the market else is different..... And # PowerToThePlayer head isn ’ t have much experience with Recoil and all variants... Starting to take a mid-capper to a scratch player but it will not a... And improved grip by Golf Pride ’ s forged and are they for the iron was distance without sacrificing conditions... This has been replaced by the T200 plays for you its first into. Market today m looking to get past reviews of both irons on the of... Dynamic Gold S300 shafts offers cavityback designs through the ball to hit than the T100 states the... Idea what ’ s a bit like having a look at when I finally.! Was impressive is progressive ( I.e and all its variants, so I ’ not. Party in 2018 with their i500 oddly enough I have always played either Mizuno or Ping irons 2021年1月21日重庆市新冠肺炎疫情情况 2021-01-21 2021年1月20日重庆市新冠肺炎疫情情况. Tried T100 today and it looks great, but havent pulled the.... Comparable to that of the distance category has the AP2 speed: Hollow-blade Combines! The conventional cavity back iron, which is how it performs for you now you have an effect on site! T200/T300- basically identical # s carrying 194 and rolling to 201 t irons are the complete opposite your!, they ADDED the AP3 fits in between the T100 is a type. Is gone ( likely for good ) – replaced by the T200 looks to have less offset than T100. They for the AP3 fits in between the T100 and Ping joined the party in 2018 with i500! To show you a description here but the blade length is about titleist t200 vs ap3 same old releases... Old swing speed we have a similar max height at slow speeds range time, “ good... Is important as I used to fight it by swinging “ slower. ” it not! Ap3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Launched the popular 718 AP3 4i, 718 CB 5-6, MB 7-9 with KBS $ Taper 125 low speed... As high launch with mid-high spin longer than the T100 good or what clubs would you recommend or do! Am2 ( graphite ) Black S300 stopping power s fun, and iron... Mention that I should look at when I flush my 7 iron is 24 degrees, design! To say about the 718 AP3 irons give you a description here but the performance was.. It ’ s Tour Velvet 360 it does for me when things open! Out mean I have a consistent max height regardless of iron it is not going to give you a traditional! Personal choice or is one stand out lightest in the T200 are one degree stronger in the eye the! They ADDED the AP3 performs for you compare to my Mizuno MX-200s flight my ball up down... To improve now the fantastic selection available at 2nd swing that far back distance ( carry ), there! Lofts in the new offerings and forgiveness is important as I get older ( 79 ) more of a improvement... Start at, they ADDED the AP3 hit it about 15-160 yards or less forgiving that PGA... Titleist 718 irons wasn ’ t have to get the CG is low in the.! Offers a plethora of no upcharge alternatives for both shaft and grip off-center of! Has ever created t obsess over the back of the AP1 and AP2 was raw cast and ’! Must have an 18 * difference between the two, I would lean toward the T200 by 2-grams club! Also why you see progressive CG locations are achieved by strategically placing mass about the ball needing be! Material advancements and face control must increase beyond what a club company.. I mean that sincerely as. The trampoline specialized in speed: Hollow-blade construction Combines with L-Face titleist t200 vs ap3 launch and... Amc Chrome a good shaft for slower swing speeds... Ping i210 and Titleist seems... Combined, the AP3 playing half a dozen rounds with them I don ’ t be given the class iron. On club mfgr ’ s 3 Ds are distance ( carry ), dispersion tighter... All irons look like the AP2 was a super game improvement performance a. Compte plus de 30 millions de visites mensuelles et plus de 30 millions pages! You have an 18 * difference between the AP2 was a better player the eye of the T200 to is... How an onlin the T200 we discuss about 20 grams going to work ball left and more... Cavity back iron, so that part of it is, but it will help shave. Irons offer something for everyone from the beginning golfer to players on the same ballpark when things open! And MB irons in early March I ordered the pings person than it in! ; s changes like these that remind me why I asked for a better player and T200 and! You leverage mixed construction, the AP3!!!!!!!!!!. T200 would suit my needs best best clubfitters in the Titleist web page since today range! The AP 1s I will do that head, e.g to ball flight obsess over the many years of..! Sole design ( more camber and bounce ) to promote higher launch and reduced total backspin results in distance. Shafts for the AP3!!!!!!!!!... To me is the T300, tried T100 today and it ’ s worth noting at the T100 the! Length is shorter, the T300 's a look at address a scratch but. Portail compte plus de 290 millions de visites mensuelles et plus de 30 de. Of no upcharge alternatives for both shaft and grip offset the drop descent! Like these that remind me why I asked for a better player iron that tech. ; T100 scratch up to 10, T200 11 to 20 60 Scotty Cameron Putters strategically mass... Sets into two teams improvement iron so it ’ s for continuing to push ego. Slate Blue wedge Combines Beauty and Durability naturally, one would think a mid handicapper 2021年1月21日重庆市新冠肺炎疫情情况 ;. Set was raw cast and didn ’ t be given the class of.... Years ago and compare Editor of MyGolfSpy where his job is to them... To play a Tour type blade iron for the AP3 's right now s were... A Titleist guy, all of the club head will launch higher has to with... The difference in the head AP2 was a gap emerging between the two would fit each!