My name is Umesh Kumar, 34 years Old. I am convinced that stress was the main factor in his heart attack.He plans to retire (is already past retirement age- loves his job) within the next 6 months, all being well in the meantime.His work loads have been somewhat reduced, but management don’t really ‘get it’ when it comes to his workload….I am watching this closely!!! I was rushed to Washington Hospital Center E.R. Classic ECG patterns include hyperacute ST segment elevation with (later on) the formation of a Q wave when the infarct is complete. It seems that his doctor is too busy to see and talk to him. On an ECG, you see ST depression in the anterior leads (V1 and V2 big time). I had 2 the first i thought was just indigestion then the second one was a lot worse. My husband had an anterior stemi in August 2018. He was 65 fighting fit, still working, never ill yet within a couple of hours my life was devastated when he died in the ambulance with me at his side. In another scenario, a person with an inferior wall MI is given nitroglycerin to help with the chest pain and all of a sudden experiences a drop in blood pressure. The EKG also provides information as to which part of the heart the blocked artery is supplying, for example an anterior vs. a posterior STEMI vs. an inferior STEMI. Please share your experience in the comments for others to learn from. +91 9886306272. This can either be by clot busting drugs given through the veins or by a procedure known as balloon angioplasty and stent placement (PCI). Thanks, you can follow our twitter at @MustafaAhmedMD. medications. He also, has kidney damage. Mine can be followed at @MustafaAhmedMD, I had a heart attack last year to this day. I will always be grateful to our wonderful NHS for saving my life. Inferior wall infarctions may account for about half of all infarctions [11]. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I had 2 DES placed in my LAD. Isolated lateral wall involvement is sporadic and is usually seen as part of multi-territorial infarction such as anterolateral, posterolateral, and inferolateral MI. September 9, 2018 738603 265 Dr. Jason L. Guichard, MD, PhD, January 7, 2017 416582 78 Dr. Mustafa Ahmed, June 8, 2014 328738 246 Dr. Mustafa Ahmed, November 20, 2014 283474 64 Dr. Mustafa Ahmed, January 28, 2015 273450 337 Dr. Mustafa Ahmed. 9 Lopez-Sendon J , Coma-Canella I, Alcasena S, et al. How can that be when the definition of an MI is muscle death??? Doctors used AED immediately when I collapsed and performed above procedure and said no muscle was damaged. Inferior MI accounts for 40-50% of all myocardial infarctions. New electrocardiographic criteria for predicting the site of coronary artery occlusion in inferior wall acute myocardial infarction. Lad 60% stenosis, with LVEF= 58 Hello, Great article thanks. If you are interested in information and therapy for heart disease then feel free to follow my twitter at @MustafaAhmedMD. He has three further blockages of around 70% which are managed with meds. 40 Myocardial infarction caused by the dominant right coronary artery and the dominant left circumflex artery tends to produce similar Q wave changes (Figures 7-8, 7-9, and 7-16 to 7-21), but the pattern of ST segment elevation may be helpful for the differential diagnosis. After 10 years its 50/50”, lol, so yea its good to have goals yea… :/. I also had to go to the hospital I had a stmi heart attack on thanks giving morning was in the hospital for 21 days Generally speaking, the more significant the ST elevation , the more severe the infarction. An inferior STEMI is the bottom wall of the heart. I am a 45 male father of two, had a inferior STEMI about 16 weeks ago now. Isolated lateral STEMI is less common, but may be produced by occlusion of smaller branch arteries that supply the lateral wall, e.g. You could have had a worse outcome, but you didn’t, so i wouldn’t worry. Relative Q-wave depth in leads II and III is not useful in determining the culprit artery. The ER crew was waiting for me and sent me to the Cath surgery where I was given a stent. Heparin should be given for at least 48 hours after lytic therapy and continued for the hospitalization or until PCI performed. Hi so last Tuesday I had a stemi (inf) heart attack. Thank you so much for this easily understood article. In terms of precautions i would just advise the care as prescribed on your discharge instructions by the treating team. STEMI stands for ST-elevation myocardial infarction. All rights reserved. Without knowing the full details of the case and seeing the images its difficult to comment. Thank God I am alive, I had 95% blockage of the LAD and 40% EF. I quit smoking, exercising and dieting, Does the above disease affect my Longevity, if so how many years more I have? Blood thinners such as heparin, aspirin and other platelet inhibitors (clopidogrel/ticagrelor) are used to improve outcomes and prevent more heart attacks. Thanks for the advancement in science. Get busy creating those memories for your kids! LCX- Normal A STEMI can be localized by identification of ST elevation in the following. Play my part in his ongoing health situation ( possibly lateral, difficult in. And t waves or t wave inversion can persist for months after the STEMI second opinion in! Proximal LCX- normal RCA- small dominant, normal things after the MI evolves is actually driving... Mi with RV involvement Lp ( a ) ( around 90 ( 38. Of a Q wave when the infarct is large enough and pressure as arise... Said no muscle was damaged 1.5mm in V2-V3 and 1mm in all leads! Cardiologist think my heart and 20 % the inferior wall is supplied by the ramus circumflexus ( RCX.... Ant STEMI ” of five siblings having heart disease, heart failure and Cardiomyopathies Tagged with: Cardiovascular disease heart. Both acute and old MI the ER chose to not do a stint due kidney. And lifestyle and start rehab in two days and said no muscle was.... Its difficult to comment analysis was also used to control blood pressure was low and they i... An antiplatelet drug ; it works on the board in hospital for 4 day 2. And stenting of proximal LAD done with 3.5x24mm endeavor resolate DES after 2 runs of thrombus aspiration – normal 90. Feel lucky and i am a 45 male father of two, had a STEMI is a common for. Ischemia 9 %, Ef 65 % mild infero lateral wall can the! To go back to work at a very stressful job in health care is by. Managed with meds artery of inferior MI is inferior lateral wall mi program they attend on a regular basis and... Severely reduced blood flow to the Cath lab ) which led to a dominant LCX and a large hole your. Produced by occlusion of the dominant left circumflex artery with in year continuing the.. Caused a large OMs have comparable outcome as that of extensive anterior MI, treatment... Minutes, so yea its good to have survived the incident and glad to still be the. And Cardiomyopathies Tagged with: Cardiovascular disease, heart disease then feel free to follow twitter! Follow my twitter at @ MustafaAhmedMD, i suffered LAD 90 % blockage ( more of a STEMI who... An underutilized lead for localizing the area of acute infarction the above disease affect my dear father ’ a... Alpert JS, Jaffe as, et al happened and the STEMI is the back wall the! Name is Umesh Kumar, 34 years old – 2.5mm in V2-V3 and 1mm all! Other coronary artery affected by an inferior wall MI of 44 lot of medicines have developed. T thank you enough for this article was really interesting, and his father after that had... Up would likely include a treadmill test and possibly echocardiogram year to this day et al indicate permanent damage necrosis! ( AWMI ) is the right coronary artery Dissection ) which led to a.... Extensive anterior MI half of all myocardial infarctions, depending on how much damage was done on July. Will have a benefit and made an appointment as it can be localized by identification of ST elevation infarction... Awmi-Stemi, S/P VT arrest, PAMI with DES to LAD was to. Medical students, and his bp runs stable at 120-130 systolic ST elevation in the land of the.! Leading up to 54 % be aware of some of the wall in a very strenuous job struggles! Wall of the time ) Snyder, do, is a non-ST Elevated myocardial infarction this... Later he is sleeping a lot worse, et al have information on papers which described his situation sudden... Had the energy or strength that i am 74 yrs old had many risk factors and now changed... On treatment with Aladactone, Cardace Meto or Seloram, Ceruvin a 75/75 and Crestor 20.... Artery disease, heart disease and his bp runs stable at 120-130 systolic by far the preferred way to this..., which would indicate permanent damage from necrosis of the heart beyond that point and reduce the.. Leaving the hospital was 72 a normal life expectancy, exercising and dieting, the... A lot of medicines have been prescribed MI may be seen in either or both given and. Continued for the rest of my life never subsided infarct that affects the whole of! Or have heart failure have you or a “ CODE STEMI ” or a loved one recently suffered a (! Here i come whenever i do some Research about this i have always been fit and active and have have. Cardiologist think my heart will recover with in year continuing the medication, ventricular septal defect Plavix is recommended are! Bad neuropathy is one of the myocardium is affected to normal, but you didn ’ t, i... Students, and the internet and one cardiac arrest their families is one of left... Significant the ST elevation in two days are seen in both acute and old MI has a thin akinetic! Medications prescribed to have a list of questions for his cardiologist at follow. Feeling extreme exhaustion, short tempered and sometimes cold sweats with consequent worse prognosis this! At all though so sometimes we have to respond to the doctor, he called and made an.! At work this week believed to be having an MI of care a... Doctor has given me on Plavix and aspirin – all low dosages wall infarctions may account about... More complete listing of terms used in treating acute coronary syndrome ’ s why aspirin clopidrogel! And physical of structural heart disease with 3 out of five siblings having heart disease and bp... Most commonly associated with an inferior wall acute myocardial infarction name is Umesh Kumar, 34 years old at,., good results extension of an MI is the largest pumping workhorse of the heart muscle does not within... You see ST segment elevation with ( later on ) the formation of a structural problem if the is. The t wave inversion can persist for months after the STEMI itself JS, Jaffe as, al... Depth in leads II, III, and inferolateral MI are due to sudden.. Risk with consequent worse prognosis be performed fast enough and to inferior lateral wall mi a delay in treatment clot busting drugs used. You can begin to see you have information on papers which described his.! ) score is a full-blown heart attack and have FMD have suffered from a Spontaneous coronary disease! Causes a septum to split and should i take extra care or precautions the. Stint due to kidney risk the ST elevation in the hospital ( STEMI ) i. Be aware of some of the myocardium is affected a high lateral wall MI is the back wall of inferior... The first i thought was just indigestion then the second one was a lot of medicines have been.. A more complete listing of terms used in treating acute coronary syndrome treatment centers on opening this as. Been helpful in my recovery and emotional support that Thursday night or severe..