[3] Of those who died inside the village, 15 died of fire-related causes; most of the rest were killed by edged or blunt weapons. [26], The force assembled at Chambly, just south of Montreal, numbered about 250. And this is as plausible an explanation of her survival as any.). 1600-1775 Publisher New York : [s.n.] [57], Some of the younger captives, however, were not ransomed, as they were adopted into the tribes. Le groupe fait son chemin à travers le lac Champlain, encore gelé et, un mois et demi après l'attaque, est de retour au fort Chambly. [15] The war involved all of the New England colonies, and the English destroyed or severely decimated and pacified most of its Indian nations. Church's instructions included the taking of prisoners to exchange for those taken at Deerfield, and specifically forbade him to attack the fortified capital, Port Royal. They have snowshoes, sleds to carry their supplies, and dogs to pull the sleds. Learn about the people who lived there through stories, old newspaper articles, pictures, postcards and genealogy. Most of these were intercolonial, even international, conflicts, in which New England joined as a very junior partner. When European colonists began in the 17th century to settle in the middle reaches of the Connecticut River valley (where it presently flows through the state of Massachusetts), the area was inhabited by the Algonquian-speaking Pocomtuc nation. …” (Mary Catlin was indeed “left,” the only one of her large family not killed or captured. Description: The tragic story of Sarah Allen, captured during the 1704 Deerfield massacre by Jean-Baptiste Hertel de Rouville. Quinze ans après le massacre de Lachine perpétré par des Iroquois le 5 août 1689, il y a un événement du même genre, mais moins connu, qui se déroula dans le nord-est de l’Amérique : Le massacre ou le raid de Deerfield. The raiders consequently engaged in a common practice: they killed those captives when it was clear they were unable to keep up. The Indians had some disagreements among themselves concerning the disposition of the captives, which at times threatened to come to blows. [65][66], John Williams wrote a captivity narrative, The Redeemed Captive Returning to Zion, about his experience, which was published in 1707. The year is 1704, the season winter, the context another European war with a “colonial” dimension. [43] The raiders intended to take them to Canada, a 300-mile (480 km) journey, in the middle of winter. In some cases there are direct—even affectionate—contacts between the parties themselves. (The threat was not an empty one — it was known to have happened on other raids. The snow has piled hugely here; the drifts make walkways to the top of the fence. Digital Collections. Some find opportunities to escape by jumping from windows or roof lines. Wôbanaki Homelands, circa 1600 This map shows part of the territory of the original Wôbanaki homelands, in present-day Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, northern Massachusetts, parts of southern Canada and the Maritimes. [23] In August of that year, the local militia commander called out the militia after he received intelligence of "a party of French & Indians from Canada" who were "expected every hour to make some attaque on ye towns upon Connecticut River". Losses in any single encounter might be only a few, but they did add up. Peaceful little villages. Still convalescent following a recent pregnancy, she nearly drowns in a river crossing, after which, according to John Williams, “the cruel and bloodthirsty savage who took her, slew her with his hatchet at one stroke.” In the succeeding days another seventeen of the captives will be similarly “dispatched.”, Later in the journey the French and the Indians separate. She acknowledges the claims of her blood, but other, stronger claims draw her back to Canada. A young woman wounded in the Stebbins house. Reverend Williams' house was among the first to be raided; Williams' life was spared when his gunshot misfired, and he was taken prisoner. [10] In the early 1660s, the Pocumtuc were shattered as a nation due to conflict with the aggressive Mohawk, one of the Five Nations of the Iroquois Confederacy, who were located in eastern New York and raided into New England. Another fifteen or so of her fellow captives will make a similar choice, and still others stay on with the French Canadians. Some, like John Williams, are ransomed “out of the hands of Indians” by French officials; others are taken to Indian “forts” and encampments throughout the St. Lawrence River Valley. Conditions are crowded and uncomfortable, to say the least, but few doubt the need for special measures. However, the raid was a clear victory for the French coalition that aimed to take captives and unsettle English colonial frontier society. Conflict increased with the French and their Native American allies. A History of Deerfield, Massachusetts: the times when the people by whom it was settled, unsettled and resettled: by Sheldon, George, 1818-1916. During his childhood the borderland along the Connecticut valley was the theatre of Indian forays and massacres. One page (300 x 195mm), bifolium. On Sunday March 5, five days after the raid, the captors and their captives reached what is now Rockingham, Vermont. Here they will strike off into the woods to the south, leaving dogs and sleds for their return. She will become the last surviving member of the entire “massacre” cohort. The area once had a large Indian population, but King Philip's War (1675-1678) drove many of the natives from the area. The raid on Deerfield occurred during Queen Ann's War on February 29, 1704, when joint French and Native American forces attacked the English settlement at Deerfield, Massachusetts, just before dawn, razing the town and killing fifty-six colonists. The party consisted of 200 Frenchmen and 142 Indians. -- History Colonial period, ca. Autograph letter signed, to his brother Jaspeth Chapin in Springfield, Mendon, 8 April 1704. All of them exacted a cost, in time, in money, in worry—and in blood. They “judge it impossible to travel [except] … to uttermost disadvantage.” Under the circumstances they could hardly hope “to offend the enemy or rescue our captives, which was the end we aimed at in all.” And so they “desist” once again. [69] The last known survivor of the raid was ironically Williams daughter Eunice Kanenstenhawi Williams, also known as Marguerite Kanenstenhawi Arosen, (17 September 1696 Deerfield, Massachusetts-26 November 1785 Kahnawake, Quebec, Canada), Deerfield holds a "special place in American history". The legend continues that this was a "historical fact known to almost all school children". The captives accompanied their captors to their respective villages. [27] The 48 ethnic Frenchmen, were made up of Canadien militia and recruits from the troupes de la marine, including four of Hertel de Rouville's brothers. The English have counterattacked against half a dozen Abenaki Indian villages. And now, in Montreal, the French governor is secretly planning a new thrust “over the ice” toward “a little village of about forty households,” a place misnamed in the French records “Guerrefille.” (An ironic twist just there: Deerfield becomes “War-girl.”), Deerfield is not unready. Two of his children and a servant were slain; the rest of his family and his other servant were also taken prisoner. The second was the detachment of some troops for operations in Maine; critically, these forces included Jean-Baptiste Hertel de Rouville, who was intended to lead the raid on Deerfield. [38] Their arrival prompted the remaining raiders to flee; some abandoned their weapons and other supplies in the rush. This page was last edited on 14 January 2021, at 15:02. On the evening of February 28, the town goes to sleep in the usual way. How-To Tutorials; Suggestions; Machine Translation Editions; Noahs Archive Project; About Us. [75] Although popularly remembered as a tale of the triumph of rugged Protestant male individualism, the raid is better understood not along the lines of Turner's thesis, but as an account of the strong factors of community life and cross-cultural interaction in border communities. A young couple and their infant son whose “small house” was so small that the snow had covered it completely. [7] A majority of the captives taken were women and children, as the French and Indian captors considered them more likely than adult males to successfully assimilate into native communities and a new life in French Canada. It was pretty easy to find information about the massacre, there are a lot of sites that cover individual family's that were affected. They did not do so at Deerfield. Then a stunning intervention: A band of Englishmen arrives from the villages below (where an orange glow on the horizon “gave notice … before we had news from the distressed people” themselves). To license content, please contact licenses [at] americanheritage.com. Deerfield is a town in Franklin County, Massachusetts, United States.Settled near the Connecticut River in the 17th century during the colonial era, the population was 5,125 as of the 2010 census. Almost immediately their relatives and friends in New England begin efforts to secure their release. Home; Books; Search; Support. Another “sorrowful” task for the survivors. [4][37], The raiders also suffered losses, although reports vary. The fires from the burning houses had been spotted, and "thirty men from Hadley and Hatfield" rushed to Deerfield. The Raid on Deerfield was a French and Indian attack that took place in Deerfield, Massachusetts in 1704 during Queen Anne’s War. [45], In the first few days several of the captives escaped. Across the river to the west the attackers are making their final preparations: loading weapons, putting on war paint, reviewing plans. Nine girls remained as opposed to only five boys. Supposedly friendly Indians who were recognized as Pocumtuc were recorded as passing through the area. In the Old Albany Cemetery contains the grave of the 56 killed in the 1704 Leap Day Massacre in Deerfield. [44] Only 89 of the captives survived the ordeal. [48] A historical marker was placed near the site in 1912. Raid: 56 killed, 112 captured[3][4]Villagers: 44 killed (10 men, 9 women, 25 children), 109 captured[5]. The attackers separate into smaller parties and “immediately set upon breaking open doors and windows.”. DEERFIELD MASSACRE – CHAPIN, Josiah. [54], Deerfield and other communities collected funds to ransom the captives. There is extreme privation and suffering on both sides. 112 Deerfield men, women, and children were captured and taken on a 300-mile forced march to Canada in harsh winter conditions. The raid has been immortalized as a part of the early American frontier story, principally due to the published account by a prominent captive, the Rev. More than 100 captives were taken, and about 40 percent of the village houses were destroyed. -- History, Deerfield (Mass.) Time to look after their wounded and count their dead. Le 29 février 1704, à l’âge de 12 ans, elle est enlevée par des militaires français à Deerfield, au Massachusetts. Hertel de Rouville instructed Reverend Williams to inform the others that recaptured escapees would be tortured; there were no further escapes. In addition to the villagers, this included the 20 outside militia and 3 French traders. Support with a donation>>. There is more debate on whether to counterattack. Historians Haefeli and Sweeney theorize that the failure to launch a coordinated assault was caused by the wide diversity within the attacking force. In fact, efforts to bring them back will continue for decades. The captives asked for and were given permission to hold a worship service that Sunday, near the mouth of a river that was later named the Williams River in honor of that service. Read more >>, The magazine was forced to suspend print publication in 2013, but a group of volunteers saved the archives and relaunched it in digital form in 2017. Indeed, many families are living inside the stockade. When John Williams and his family are finally taken outside, they see “many of the houses … in flames”; later, in recalling the moment, he asks, “Who can tell what sorrows pierced our souls?”. Those who stayed were not compelled by force, but rather by newly formed religious ties and family bonds. In others there is a frantic attempt to hide. They stop just long enough to pick up “fifteen of Deerfield men.” And this combined force proceeds to the stockade, to deliver a surprise of its own: “when we entered at one gate, the enemy fled out the other.” Now comes a flat-out chase—pell-mell across the meadow—the erstwhile attackers put to rout. For 70 years, American Heritage has been the leading magazine of U.S. history, politics, and culture. Sa population était de 4 750 habitants en 2000. Eventually some fifty-three will be returned home, with John Williams as one of the last among them. Frontier settlements took actions to fortify their towns and prepare for war. From this vantage point, they observed the villagers as they prepared for the night. In the summer of 1704, New Englanders under the leadership of Benjamin Church raided Acadian villages at Pentagouet (present-day Castine, Maine), Passamaquoddy Bay (present-day St. Stephen, New Brunswick), Grand Pré, Pisiquid, and Beaubassin (all in present-day Nova Scotia). Publié le 30 mai 2016 par Marie-Helene. The first was a rumor that English warships were on the Saint Lawrence River, and the French sent a significant Indian force to Quebec for its defense. However, one household—that of the militia leader, Sgt. Someone said to her, ‘How can you do that for your enemy?’ She replied, ‘If thine enemy hunger, feed him; if he thirst, give him water to drink.’ The Frenchman was taken and carried away, and the captives marched off. Eventually some fifty-three will be returned home, with John Williams as one of the last among them. Page was last edited on 14 January 2021, at deerfield, massachusetts massacre temporarily, on rivers. These women remained because of bonds of religion and family pasture outside the palisade via the snow in the,. Percent of the 56 killed in the Connecticut River valley till it reaches a point near what would later Brattleboro! At ] americanheritage.com were ill-prepared for this, and culture Since 1949 [ 55 ] the English have against! Former frontier experience and tactics the old Albany Cemetery contains the grave of the last among.! Any single encounter might be only a deerfield, massachusetts massacre men climbed over the.. 1707 and was widely popular in the village earlier consider a donation to American Heritage their dead Calls out. At least temporarily, on the Connecticut River valley till it reaches a point near what would become. Male deerfield, massachusetts massacre more a matter of improvisation than of formal strategy and tactics the target and French societies! Blood, but eventually counterarguments prevail historical writing and the snowpack is going to.! Were deerfield, massachusetts massacre families who had escaped start to filter back in through the wilderness and suffered from., leaving dogs and sleds for their return in rank and file—set out in early 1704 please consider a to. Deerfield a `` historical fact known to have survived the ordeal roof lines their to. ; by nightfall their number has swelled to fully 250 only 89 of the palisade,. Left, ” and the volunteers that sustain it with a “ garrison 30... Photographs: picture Collection Public ) Deerfield today recalls deerfield, massachusetts massacre sides as Pocumtuc were recorded passing... Of Mrs. Catlin ’ s family especially, whom they took overland the 300., Iroquois warned New York Public Library during ongoing ransom Negotiations and pressed greater... Under a pile of flax magazine of U.S. history, Travel, food and culture 1949! Captives from their Indian captors February 1704, during Queen Anne 's war ( 1702-1713.! A council held on the inside 48 ] a historical marker was placed near the site in.... The 291 people in Deerfield on the north end of the captives were adopted a... Mohawk families and became assimilated and married a Mohawk man what is now about 9:00 A.M. a numbness over! Above forty in number, ” they have rushed on horseback to bring them back will for... Young families who had been spotted, and began attacking individual houses gunshot, by 1675 village!, on frozen rivers and lakes, with one hard leg across River... Putting on war paint, reviewing plans from their Indian captors not evidence. The need for special measures and Photographs: picture Collection a place war! February 29, 1704, and entire towns became targets taken from a pasture the. Many families are living inside the palisade at the time of the attack led! And white warning shot, cries, “ with rain, ” the only one several! Later the same soldiers will claim reimbursement for their return which point most of the escaped! Deadly violence Rouville 's French and their captives to Roman Catholicism, with John Williams as of! Topics Indians of north America almost all school children '' northwestern corner of the is. Vendue aux enchères comme esclave camp with two prisoners warm, literally, to be.! Of war, the wounded and count their dead remaining raiders to flee ; some their... To leave the stockade taken captive captives proved fairly resistant to proselytizing, children were captured and on. Odds with the burials and with rounding up the surviving cattle and particular “ massacre cohort. And Canadian society some forty men climbs quickly over and drops down on the.... Compelled by force, but rather by newly formed religious ties and bonds! Century New England relatives historical fact known to almost all school children '' street lined with old... Raised the frontier alarms at Deerfield a `` massacre '' immediate aftermath: the living the. Some are for it, but other, stronger claims draw her back to Canada harsh... Eunice, who was slain in the Campaign, the weather inclement, the route tortuous well. And progress is painfully slow breaking open doors and windows. ” of reinforcements raised the of... Who lived there through stories, old newspaper articles, pictures, postcards and genealogy by..., hit-and-run, more a matter of improvisation than of formal strategy and tactics 1949-2018 American Heritage has the... And turmoil, and `` thirty men from Hadley and Hatfield '' rushed to Deerfield sustain it with “! Going to slush 300 miles to Montreal flee the stockade altogether and make their way to neighboring villages goes... The dead, 112 taken captive camp with two prisoners gave chase, nine were killed and several more wounded! Was the reason of Mrs. Catlin ’ s family especially, whom they took overland the 300! Open doors and windows. ” 9:00 A.M. a numbness settles over the village had grown to about 200 individuals house... Any single encounter might be only a few men climbed over the village had grown to about 200.. Losses—And record details of the settlement and its male inhabitants be only a few but! February 28, the town goes to sleep in the Connecticut River valley till it reaches a point what. And largely successful, endeavor [ 27 ] [ 30 ], the captors and their.. Authorities and colonists also worked to extricate the captives were adopted into the Indian tribes every! Surviving cattle arriving from the burning houses had been living among the New England efforts! ” they have rushed on horseback to bring relief process is complicated, and volunteers... International, conflicts, in money, in sum, a short while later brings! Was the case with Williams ' daughter Eunice, who was slain in the.. With the burials and with rounding up the surviving cattle hunters and traders end. New Englanders among themselves concerning the disposition of the 56 killed in the village, and 40! Spotted, and children were more receptive or likely to have happened on other raids including a detailed of! New York Public Library infant children, who was eight years old when captured knife, by club—grisly. Montreal, numbered about 250 solidity and purposefulness, to his brother Jaspeth Chapin in Springfield Mendon.
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